EMIFEN ® For Babies And Children ايميفين ايبوبروفين للرضع و الاطفال

EMIFEN ® For Babies And Children  syrup or tablets
Pharmaceutical Forms :
Ibuprofen is available in the following pharmaceutical Forms
Syrup (suspension) contains 5 mg ibuprofen per 100 ml of the Suspension
Tablets 200 400 600 mg depending on availability
Topical Cream or Gel (depending on availability)



• By mouth for  the tablets or Syrup 3 to 4 times a day (a review of ibuprofen in this link for children and babies doses)
• Cream or Gel where there is  pain and inflammation 2-3 times per day, or  if necessary
Produced by :
GLOBAL PHARMA UAE United Arab Emirates

Availability  of pharmaceutical forms and different concentrations of the medicine depends  on the country in which you reside

Imefen , imfen , Aimifin Aamvin Amven EMFEN EMIFEEN EMEFEN

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